Items for Sale

This page is designated for selling Local 1017 items such as hats, shirts, pullovers stickers, cups and other items that you may find of interest to you.  These items will not only be with the L1017 logo, but hopefully we will have other Locals and IAFF items as well.  

You may also purchase from our Frankfort Local 1017 online store for clothing items.   Just click on the link Frankfort Professional Firefighters Online Store.  This link will take you out of Local 1017, however just click your back button to come back. 

Items for sale

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USA Flag Sticker with IAFF LogoUSA flag with IAFF logo.jpg (16240 bytes)


Item #: 001

IAFF Patch

IAFF Patch - wry.jpg (43323 bytes)


Item #: 002

IAFF Flag Sticker logo(4inx 4in)

IAFF flag.jpg (35294 bytes)


Item #: 003

IAFF Gold & Red Sticker logo (4in x 4in)

IAFF gldnred.jpg (37243 bytes)


Item #: 004

IAFF GRN & YLW Sticker logo (4in x 4in)IAFF grnnylw.jpg (38500 bytes)


Item #: 005

IAFF Black &  Orange Sticker logo (4in x 4in)IAFF blnorg.jpg (37282 bytes)


Item #: 006

IAFF Lapel Pin

dsc00106.jpg (65016 bytes)


Item #: 007

Tee Shirts
Gray or Navy

dsc00101.jpg (63166 bytes)dsc00102.jpg (64164 bytes)

Back / Front
Sizes:  L, XL, XXL


Item #: 008

Sweat Shirts
Gray or Navy

dsc00099.jpg (59772 bytes)dsc00098.jpg (61893 bytes)

Front / Back
Sizes:  L, XL, XXL


Item #: 009

Non-Insulated Travel Mug

dsc00104.jpg (64624 bytes)


Item #: 010

Frankfort Local 1017 Golf Towel

dsc00108.jpg (63428 bytes)


Item #: 011

Small IAFF Stickers 1 3/4 inches

IAFF smblkorg.jpg (15267 bytes)IAFF smflgrwb.jpg (12452 bytes)IAFF smgrnylw.jpg (14938 bytes)

$1.00 each

Item #'s: 012, 013, 014

All orders must be on or attached to your local union letterhead or paid with your local union check. Orders sent without either one or the other will be returned as unacceptable.

All orders must be prepaid by check or money order.  Payment in US Funds only. Credit cards cannot be accepted.

To place an order,  click on the order form    

Email: Local 1017 (click on "Local 1017" to send email request)

If you would like to be notified when the item or items have been mailed, please provide an email address by emailing Local 1017.  Be sure to place "Request To Be Notified" in the subject line of the email.