Frankfort Professional Firefighters

Local 1017

A letter from the President:

Dear Citizen,

     Firefighting is a job only some will do, and those who fight fires would prefer not do any other job.  The members of the Frankfort Fire & Emergency Medical Service (EMS) watched their department deteriorate slowly to the point that they did not love their job anymore.  Frankfort Fire & EMS have been lacking in staffing, training, equipment, and leadership, just to name a few areas.  So, in March of 1997, thirty-seven members  decided to join the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) and form Local 1017, Frankfort Professional Firefighters

     Although much has been accomplished in four years, there is still much to do.  The road is long and hard and obstacles are still being thrown at us. The following is a list of some of our accomplishments:

bulletOur staffing increased by 24%
bulletSix new fire and rescue vehicles purchased
bulletA new fire chief and training officer hired
bulletThe implementation of the first training academy for new recruits
bulletSeveral front line apparatus equipped with thermal imaging cameras
bulletSeveral of the apparatus staffed with paramedics
bulletReplaced old, outdated breathing apparatus with new
bulletTwo-men engine companies staffed to three-men engine companies
bulletThe IAFF/IAFC fitness/wellness program within the department implemented to help ensure our firefighters are and remain in good physical condition
bulletLocal 1017 membership increased from 37 members to its current 58 members

     We have many goals that we wish to accomplish, but there is no greater than to gain recognition of our city leaders and their acceptance of our organization, Local 1017.  Our current and most difficult goal is to establish a Meet-and-Confer status with Frankfort's City Commission.  The meet-and-confer agreement will simply allow designated members of Local 1017 to sit down with Commission members and discuss issues that could ultimately effect all the citizens of Frankfort and Franklin County.  Several of the Commission members refuse to support meet-and-confer status for reason known only to them.  It has been thoroughly explained that meet-and-confer status is only an agreement between the two parties to meet and discuss departmental issues.  This DOES NOT mandate or require them to take a stance or an action on the issues that are discussed.  Meet-and-confer status just gives Commission members the opportunity to become aware and informed of current issues facing the City of Frankfort Fire and EMS members, and the residents of the community.

     The brothers and sisters of Local 1017 have become a part of the community and hope to continue to grow within the community.  The IAFF, which consists of over 250,000 members throughout the United States and Canada, is the largest annual donor to the Muscular Dystrophy Association 
(MDA).  In August our members can be found pounding the streets to raise money for this worthy organization.  Local 1017 works hard to support and contribute their share to the MDA drive each year.  Local 1017 had established a strong working relationship with the Franklin County Firefighters, Local 3952.  Together, Local 1017 and Local 3952 continue to help victims with used furniture, appliances, and other necessities after a disaster.    Although its not much, its our way of saying we care about our community and it helps victims get back on their feet.  Every year around Christmas, Local 1017 believes in spreading the holiday spirit.  Local 1017 members work with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Commonwealth Credit Union to ensure less fortunate children and their families have a memorable Christmas.

     Local 1017, Frankfort Professional Firefighters take pride in the fact that we are a proactive-progressive organization and extremely active in our community involvement.  Members of the Local 1017 strive for the safety of department members, the residents of and visitors to our community.  In order to better serve you, please feel free to provide us with input.

     For those who have supported us, we say a great big THANK YOU!!!  For those who have not, we look forward to the opportunity to win your support.


Tim Johnson, Pres.
Local 1017
Frankfort Professional Firefighters


   The International Association of Fire Fighters